What causes severe Knee Pain? was first posted on February 7, 2012 at 3:57 pm.
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What causes severe Knee Pain?

So to recap why you get knee pain:

1. Weak hip stabilizer – gluteus medius
2. Tight Hip Flexors – ilioposoas, adductors, quads, itb

Aim to remedy these 2 areas and you are on the right path to beating your knee pain.

Want to find out if you have weak hip stabilizer strength?

Do this on both sides to compare.

The side on which it is the hardest to hold is probably the side to focus on.

Single leg balance, try and hold for 10-20 seconds.

You can do this position as an exercise once you have determined the weaker side and progress to maybe balancing on a towel or object under your foot to make it harder and more challenging.

Have fun with it and keep safety in mind :-)