"Quickly And
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Shoulder Pain!"


Get access right now to a very specific shoulder program that successfully corrects and treats shoulder pain. You most likely have shoulder pain due to some of these issues.

If you suffer with conditions such as:

- Rotator Cuff Tendonitis (pain with specific movements
- Pain Sleeping At Night (tendonitis/bursitis)
- Bursitis (constant throbbing)
- Sharp pain when you reach overhead or behind your back

then most likely its caused by muscle imbalances in and around your shoulder joint.

When you view our E-book and Videos today you will learn:

1. Why shoulder blade stabilty stength and endurance plays a
    direct role in your shoulder pain and what to do about it.
2. How a stiff upper back reduces motion in your shoulder joint
    and increase the odds of impingement and rotator cuff    
3. Why stretching your chest and biceps muscles will reduce
    your shoulder pain dramatically.
4. How core strength influences your shoulder joint position
    and if not corrected will increase the risk for developing a
    rotator cuff tear .
5. 5 Scientific proven stretching exercises that target the root
    cause of your shoulder pain.
6. The absolute best strength and stability exercises for
    your shoulder and how it will end your pain starting today.
7. Why ignoring pain signals today, could cause you to have
    a rotator cuff tear in the future and having surgery!
8. Different types of shoulder injuries and what to do for each.
9. MOST IMPORTANT, you will get our exact routine for
    ending your shoulder pain with 12 STEP by STEP VIDEOS
    demonstrating the exact steps you can take right now to end
    your shoulder pain!

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Each exercise in this treatment strategy builds upon
each other and will:

1. Correct muscle weakness and imbalance in your shoulder joints that cause shoulder impingement pain (which if left untreated will cause a rotator cuff tear).

2. Strengthen your shoulder muscles for stability and alignment and help YOU avoid surgery.

3. Provide YOU lasting Shoulder PAIN Relief!

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This shoulder program is backed by a 100% - 60 Day Money
Back Guarantee
You can try it out for 60 days, if you do
not see any improvement email us and we will refund you
your money.
We take all the risk, if you do not get better, you get your money back! PERIOD.

Since most shoulder pain can be traced to strength, stability or alignment issues I am confident that these specific shoulder pain exercises will restore your shoulder to a pain free state and provide you relief so that you can return to working out and living pain free again.

See you in the members area  :-)

Stay pain free!

Peter Cronje P.T.
Founder, PhysicalTherapyTV.com

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Ex-Shoulder Pain" Customer Feedback:

"Peter thanks for the manual, it really  helped! My  
shoulder is feeling better and the step by step
pictures and what to do each day really made it
easy to follow along, thanks for all your help and support"
Lauren Nichols
Phoenix, AZ

"As a licensed Physical Therapist I found the step
by step way Peter teaches how to get rid of your
shoulder pain very good!"
Helena Miller P.T.
Orlando, Fl

"I have been dealing with recurring shoulder pain
and stiffness from an old football injury. The
information Peter share in his book has really made
a difference and after following it for a few days I
have seen an increase in my shoulder motion and
my pain has reduced dramatically. Of course, check with your doctor first, but if you have tried doctor visits and pain pills with no relief then I think giving
Peter shoulder pain program a try might help you as
it did for me. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy
Al Johnson
Chicago, IL