"Quickly And Easily END Frustrating
Plantar Fasciitis Pain!"


Get access right now to a very specific plantar fasciitis home treatment system that successfully corrects and treats plantar fasciitis caused by muscle imbalance and faulty bio-mechanics of the ankle joint.

You most likely have plantar fasciitis if you are experiencing:

- Pain and stiffness along the length of the bottom of your foot.
- Pain when you walk or having to limp to minimize the strain in your foot muscles.
- Aching and throbbing throughout the night

Why do YOU get plantar fasciitis?

The most common factors are:

- Weakness in specific key muscles of the hip, knee and ankle joints.
- Loss of range of motion in the ankle and hip joint.
- Poor shoe selection and support.

When this occurs there is a chain reaction that leads your joints to compensate, in turn this compensation leads to excess strain, stress and ultimately pain of the plantar fascia soft tissue region.

See below to get a visual of what occurs:

Do YOU see how there is increased over pronation(rolling in) of the ankle joint?

HERE is what it looks like in real life without YOU knowing it (its not always this obvious to feel or see).

As YOU walk your hips do not stay level, the one side drops and this leads your knee to  turn inwards and faulty bio-mechanics in your foot to occur which ultimately leads to plantar fasciitis pain

This increased over pronation leads to more strain on the plantar arch and if not corrected can lead to serious damage such as scar tissue build up and even bone spurs.


You have to correct this dangerous chain reaction from happening.

Step 1:

End the strain and irritation of the plantar arch.

Step 2:

Improve the strength and flexibility of your hip, knee and ankle joints.

Step 3:

Commit to a long term flexibility and strength program, avoid wearing shoes that increase plantar strain and include movement habits that prevent bio-mechanical issues.

When you view our plantar fasciitis home treatment  E-book and Videos today you will learn:

- What to do right now if you are in acute pain and how to stop it.

- HOW to use taping and orthotics in the correct treatment sequence, their value and how to not get dependent on

- The BEST Soft tissue mobilization techniques to prepare your plantar fasciia for the exercise sequence we will use to
   cure you from your pain.

- The best "direct" and "indirect" foot bridge exercises to cut the strain on your plantar fascia and allow healing and
   reduction of the swelling and scar tissue formation.

- Bio-mechanical exercises that RESTORE balance and reduces pain.

MOST IMPORTANT, you will get our exact routine for ending your pain with 7 STEP by STEP VIDEOS + Plantar Fasciitis Relief Manual demonstrating the exact steps you can take right now to end your plantar fasciitis pain!

The cost of the Plantar Fasciitis Home  Program is normally priced at $77 but since we are on a mission to help you treat and correct your plantar fasciitis we are offering the entire course for only $47.

Many people spend hunderds of dollars on doctor visits, splints, orthotics, massage therapists and news shoes with ZERO relief in pain. For a tiny investment right now you can get access to a program instantly that is proven and can help you on the road to recovery and healing if you commit to it.

To GET STARTED click on "Download Now" after you order you will be re-directed to a private members area where
you can access the course.

Each exercise in this treatment strategy builds upon each other and will:

1. Correct muscle weakness and imbalance in your hip, knee and ankle joints that cause faulty bio-mechanics
(which if left untreated will cause severe scar tissue formation).

2. Strengthen your hip and ankle muscles for stability and alignment and help YOU avoid surgery.

3. Provide YOU lasting PAIN Relief!

This program is backed by a 100% - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can try it out for 60 days, if you do not see any improvement email us and we will refund you your money.

We take all the risk, if you do not get better, you get your money back!


Since most plantar fascia can be traced to strength, stability or alignment issues I am confident that these specific exercises will restore you to a pain free state and provide you relief so that you can return to working out and living
pain free again.

Stay pain free!

Peter Cronje P.T.
Founder, PhysicalTherapyTV.com

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