"How To Quickly END Frustrating
Low Back Pain!"


Dear friend,

If you are still suffering with low back pain I have  some good news to share.

There is a better way to end YOUR low back pain.

If you suffer with symptoms such as:

- Sciatica (pain down your leg)
- Constant throbbing and aching in your lower back
- Stiffness and pain in your low back or neck area
  (disc problems)
- Difficulty sitting or sleeping (muscle spasm)

...then most likely it is caused by muscle imbalances in and around your lower spine.

"Muscle Imbalance" is simply a lack of strength (weak low back and abdominal muscles) and tight joints (hips and upper back mostly).

When you get weak and tight muscles it can lead to conditions such as sciatica, bulging discs, spinal stenosis and muscle spasm.

Physical Therapists term this as "muscle imbalance".

Most low back pain can be treated and prevented using a gentle conservative approach.

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When you order our "Home Treatment Videos for Back Pain" you will learn:

1. How a stiff upper back leads to increased strain
    and tension in your lower back and how to prevent
2. How tight hip joints can increase the odds of
    bulging discs forming in your lower spine that
    leads to pain.
3. Why stretching your hamstrings is the absolute
    worst thing you can do for lower back pain.
4. How "core strength" influences your lower spine
    and the best exercises to improve this critical area
    for ending your low back pain.
5. Learn proven stretching exercises that target the
    root cause of your lower back pain.
6. The absolute best stength and
    stabilizing exercises for your lumbar spine and
    how it will end your pain starting today.
7. Why ignoring your pain signals today, could cause
    you to have low back surgery in the future!
8. The crucial relationship between your daily 
    movement and position habits and your lower
    back pain, you must know this to avoid your pain
    from returning once you are pain free!
9. All about pelvis instability and your low back pain
    finally explained in plain easy to understand
10.MOST important, you will get our exact step by step
    routine for ending your lower back pain that you can
    WATCH in the comfort of your home starting today.

"Home Treatment for Low Back Pain" works because of 3 crucial steps:

1. Correct muscle imbalances in your lower back and spine (which if left untreated will cause a bulging disc or even worse, surgery).

2. Strengthen your core muscles for stability and alignment of your spine and avoid surgery!

3. Provide YOU lasting LOW BACK PAIN Relief!

The "Home Treatment for Low Back Pain" e-book and video series is available immediately after purchase and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

You can try it out for a full 60 days, if you do not see any improvement email us and we will refund you your $37 no questions asked.

We take all the risk, if you do not get better, you get your money back! PERIOD.

Since most low back pain can be traced to strength, stability or posture alignment issues I am confident that these specific low back pain exercises will restore your spine to a pain free state and provide you relief so that you can return to working out and living pain free again.

Our promise is to help you end your low back pain, so if you are ready to experience:

1. End of your low back pain.
2. Sleep without pain or aching.
3. Go through the day without your low back holding
    you down.
4. Start working out again without back pain.
5. End the worry and frustration your low back is

...then click on the download now button below.

Remember the program is risk free and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Stay pain free!

Peter Cronje P.T.
Founder, PhysicalTherapyTV.com

P.S. Each day you delay more damage occurs in your lower back, its time to take control and do something about it - click here to get started risk free today!

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"I began getting relief from your program as soon as I started..."

Dear Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that since I started your system I am now pain free and my life is great.

I used to have such terrible low back pain, but now I can walk faster and do much more.

I used to be in a lot of pain,and had difficulty,walking ,sleeping.

Since starting your system I am painfree and able to sleep through the night without constant pain.

I began getting relief from your program as soon as I started.

Relief was gradual, the more i did the better it got.

I would highly reccommend your treatment approach to other back pain sufferers.

Compared to all the other treatments approaches I have tried your approach tackles the pain and cures it in a more modern approach.

You have been supportive and informative and I know that you are
there for me if I need help in the future.

Thanks for helping Peter.


Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for helping me!
I went from suffering to a pain free existence and I am enjoying my life again.

Your program provided me total relief in a matter of only a few days.

After multiple sessions with a chiropractor (which was really costly) and no relief I bought your manual and I am now pain free.

Since purchasing your product, your ongoing correspondence and support proves you are genuinely concerned with people and their problems and not just a salesman.

Good luck Peter, it's been a pleasure.

Regards Fred

I Avoided Surgery!

Dear Peter,

I began suffering from a herniated disk on 12/1/05. This involved
experiencing intense pain from the buttocks to mid-calf whenever I sat.

I attended my docter and was given a steroid type prescription, taking a
decreasing number of pills over seven days.

Also, I ordered your offering
and began the exercises. I began experiencing some relief when doing the exercises.

I also felt better after walking. After taking the medication and not improving, my doctor prescribe physical theraphy. I discontinued your exercises and used the exercises - strengthening the abs and stretching.


I started declining, the pain moving from down to my calf and numbness in my foot. I continued walking but developed a pronounced limp and was not able to elevate from my left foot.

Driving to work was excruciating and after the 40 minute drive, I had to stand beside my car for about 5 minutes before I could start walking.

I met with a specialist and was set up to have epidural injections. A CT scan disclosed herniation at S1 L5. These doctor appointments were taking me into mid February before the epidurals were to start.

I also met with am orthopedic surgeon and discussed surgical options.

But I kept in the back of my mind your approach of treating symptoms vs correcting the problem.

In mid January, I discontinued the physical therapy routine and returned to the exercises prescribed by you. I also walk 45 minutes each day. While at work, I constructed a work station where I stood so as not to sit.

I attended management meetings and did not sit.

Following your exercise routines, by the time I was due for the first epidural session I had begun improving significantly.

I postponed the start of the epidurals for two weeks.

I have since continued to improve.

I now alternate between sitting and standing at work. I drive to work and experience no discomfort.

I SIT!! I even attended my son's basketball game last night and was able to sit on the bleachers.

I admit, I do not like doing the wall sit, but I believe that exercise contributed significantly along with the static ball exercise to my recovery.

No surgery, no epidurals. It has been from December 1 until now but, I am now almost back to normal --- and I continue my exercises daily.

Thanks Peter!

Stephen Ames